There are many ways to volunteer at European and international level.

Read about the possibilities offered to you.

The volunteers helping around at the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan art  (Mocta) are part of the Solidarity Corps (ESC). ESC gives the possibility to younsters between 18 and 30 years old to live abroad  for a couple of months or for one year, with all costs covered. In this way, even youngsters with fewer opportunities are able to realise a full experience abroad, and getting in contact with the Dutch community. 

In this case, the organisation responsible for applying for this opportunity is Cherry International Foundation, which cooperates since 2020 with Mocta.

Youngsters come to the Netherlands and can choose in which areas of interest they would like to work. Mocta is an inspiration for volunteers thanks to the variety of tasks they receive and the possibility to help with art pieces.

For more information about the subsidy program please visit:

Alodia (Spain) & Máté (Hungary)

Participating Tibetan Mantra Lounge at the museum.
R: Máté from Hungary
2nd R:Alodia from Spain
A day at Wildlands Zoo Emmen. Tashi Norbu,Máté,museum volunteer and Alodia
Máté from Hungary and Alodia from Spain are showing their creative artwork
Alodia from Spain is interviewing the artistic director and founder of the museum Tashi Norbu
Vasilis from Greece
(in red jacket) is doing some alterations at the entrance of the museum


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